Tuesday, June 4, 2013

California Wildfires 2013

Wildfires in western states are common place each summer with the typical "wildfire season" starting in mid summer and lasting into late Autumn, or until the first significant precipitation. The less rain in winter, the drier the land. The less snow in the mountains, the less water in the rivers, creeks and reservoirs.

When significant drought conditions in California meet with dry springtime chaparral, wild land fires can easily be ignited.  Campfires restrictions are tighter than usual this summer 2013, so knnow the current conditions and restrictions by contacting the nearest ranger station. Remember that campfire safety is always key.

NO CAMP FIRES, what?  
What a way to start the summer!

as of June 3, 2013: The lower half of California is in extreme drought conditions and backcountry fire restrictions are already in place.  This means you can only legally have a campfire inside a developed campground. Severe conditions may escalate to 'no campfires anywhere' as the summer continues, so know before you go.
So remember....  if you really wanna primitive camp for free on the back roads, you'll need to drive north, way north to the Central Sierra, Northern Sierra or Northern California. For any location south of Yosemite, you should expect tight campfire restrictions.

California Wildfire Map:

California incident information

US drought conditions