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Fall Color found...

Fall Color found... Originally uploaded by Gotfish --= Marc =-- 2009 FALL REPORT The autumn colors are lasting in California! Some higher elevation areas hit with snow (8000' +) have naked aspens w/ shedding dead leaves, but mid altitude canyons along Hwy 395 - have aspen groves glowing. Cottonwoods and poplars are also changing rapidly in the Eastern Sierra. Mammoth is OPEN Friday, that's tomorrow - OCT 16. Early season to enjoy! YEP, Free lift tickets on opening day.

June Lake Loop Peaks

June Lake Loop Sunday Originally uploaded by Jeff Sullivan ( Autumn colors abound in the Eastern Sierra THIS WEEK. Get out to see the aspen groves changing along Highway 395 from Bridgeport down to June Lake, California. Great stream fishing on both Rush and Reverse Creeks at this time of year. Green Creek , near the Bodie ghost town turn off, should be exquisite about now . Numerous cabin rentals and lodges need your business, or you could brave the elements and camp out. Bishop lakes got a dusting of snow last weekend, so the winter has already set in above 8000' elevation. These fall colors, sunshine and temperatures will not last long. (This is a limited time offer.)

Mojave Shaken

The ring of fire is moving again. While news stories bombard us on the recent earthquakes on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, we are soon reminded that here in California we are all connected via fault lines and tectonic plates. Four decent little earthquakes tonight in the Northern Mojave Desert, off Hwy 395, out near Olancha: Magnitude: 4.7 Ml Magnitude: 4.9 Ml Magnitude: 5.2 Ml Magnitude: 4.7 Ml