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Lifetime warranties on outdoor gear are few and far between. Most supplies subjected to hard weather conditions and wilderness elevations damage quickly, unless they are designed to withstand these kinda harsh conditions. A new, non name brand, dirt cheap tent can last a year or two. There are plenty of used tents and gear on  Coleman tents usually last an average of 10 years, depending on the user frequency. Total Escape's DanaMite camps out about 20 times per year, so a more durable tent was needed. Wind-proofing is non-existant, but weather proofing and bubble designs make tents more wind resistant. Eureka tents can hold up to some mighty crazy wind gusts and many campers swear by this brand alone. Over a decade ago, a small gear company named Paha Que asked us to review a small tent of theirs. This is the 10-year-after-the-fact write-up on that product. Awesome vestibule (extra large rain fly) that allows extra space for cooking or storage Bl

North Lake Fall Colors

North Lake Fall Colors Originally uploaded by Jeff Sullivan Time is of the essence, RIGHT NOW. Autumn colors with aspen trees started changing around September  - and this fall coloring will last until the first deep freeze or snow fall, usually October. June Lake, Mammoth, Rock Creek & Twin Lakes are all awesome spots. Green Creek, Upper Summer Meadows, Virginia Lakes and Convict Lake are also worth checking out. The entire Eastern Sierra from Bishop to Tahoe is California's best for fall colors, fishing and sightseeing. OCTOBER is Autumn: take a drive on Highway 395

Kern Graffiti

Kern Graffiti Originally uploaded by danamight River trash runs rampant in the Kern River Valley. Party animal campers leave their marks well into the next generation for this canyon. Kern is the closest BIG RIVER to SoCal - so the neglect and abuse are starting to really make a big impression. This popular recreation spot is often a rafters first time exploring the sport, a mountain bike haven, a backpacker or fishermen's paradise - but sadly, Kern Canyon needs help. California Wilderness boundaries are becoming less and less pristine. pris·tine –adjective 1. having its original purity; uncorrupted or unsullied. 2. of or pertaining to the earliest period or state; primitive. Origin: 1525–35; L pristinus & early; akin to primus  —Synonyms 1. undefiled, unpolluted, untouched Imagine a weekend at the river in late summer. No crowds, cuz the kids are back in school. Free camping all over the place. Hot sunny days, thunderstorms, mountain bike trails and mountain breezes.