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California Decor

More Pretty Cupcakes Originally uploaded by lilraindrops Gorgeous Cupcakes. More than half of your brain is visually stimulated. California Wilderness is like the icing on the cake. If you live here in the golden state, you most likely love the outdoors, like travel and budget, local weekends too. Total Escape - this goofy California back road web site is here for you to find YOUR California. Tahoe, Mammoth, Mojave or Anza Borrego... have it all A to Z

Camping Gear Rental

It is bound to happen. You travel to somewhere very cool, far away from home - and you want to camp out at least a few nights. The skies call and the scenery demands it! But you really don't wanna lug all your camp gear around with your luggage w/ the airport hassels. Renting gear locally can be done, depending of course, on where you want to rent. California is an outdoor paradise, simply said and most come here for the Wilderness views and awesome back road travels. California is a mecca for all kindsa recreation, so there are a few gear rental companies around. Make sure to tell the you found them on Total Escape too! In California, you can find rental shops for outdoor recreation, kayaking, backpacking, mountain biking. Camping Gear Rental Mountain Bike Rentals Kayak Rentals California