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California Park Map

Trails in California Topanga, Truckee, Tecopa Morro Bay, Mineral King, Mount Tam Dinkey Creek, Dardanelle, Dorrington Portola, Paso Robles, Ponderosa all parks, all forests, all mountains, all deserts, all outdoors, always. Since getting lost on vacation is no fun at all, Total Escape has all the maps of California covered. Snow parks, snowmobiling, sledding spots, fishing spots, petroglyphs, hot springs, beaches, mountain biking, cabin communities. Hiking maps, topographic trails, campgrounds, off road routes, equestrian trails. Check out the new map store soon!

R.I.P. Devin Storz

Tonight my meaningful post hits close to home. My neighbor was crushed to death by a huge pine tree falling on his house, this stormy, windy, winter morning. He was the sweetest boy in the neighborhood. Seriously. Devin was the first kid I met "on the mountain", late one night in 2002, walking across the baseball diamond at Lampkin Park, in Pine Mountain. Low temps in the 20's, plus some snow on the ground - and 2 teens needed some help, a ride up the hill. Rural youth, always hitch hiking back and forth between Pine Mountain and Crazier Park. Years later, Devin showed up to a party or two. Then he installed my bitchin baseboards in my purple shag, hippy love den. His dad and him worked for a week one summer, helping me with home improvements. This past weekend I thought about you, as I finally painted over the penciled in guide marks you drew on my walls. Devin you are in our thoughts tonight. About 12 hours ago, you may have heard the strong wind in your dream

CA snow conditions

This coming week is big talk. Old Man Winter is upon us (again) Let us see the snow. Cali State Snow Depths 2010 SKI conditions in California Forecast for Sierra Summit at Huntington Lake Foggy Meadows w/ Snow Originally uploaded by danamight

tour california map

You can pick up any popular road atlas of California in the supermarket. These Rand McNalley's and Thomas Brothers map books will show you how to get around in the freeways and the cities of Cali. We wanna show you more, much more. The real scenic drives, the back roads and rural highways. More of REAL CALIFORNIA Total Escape has every possible wilderness map you could ever need for this golden state. The Sierra mountains, the Coast, SoCal and NorCal. We want to inspire you to be outside, to hike and explore the back roads. To fish, kayak and snow ski. To re-create in our recreation paradise called Cali-forn-ia. MAP STORE - for planning your escape