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Brokeoff Moon Originally uploaded by leapin26 When you have enough time to blog, you are not living. You are not outdoors experiencing the weather. You are inside looking at a box. Just because DanaMite does not write weekly, doesn't mean she has nothing to share. Maybe she will have lots to tell, when she finally sits down to write it. For those of you who choose to travel mostly thru cyberland only, be patient.

North Lake Road

North Lake Road #2 Originally uploaded by VerPen This is the kinda day I am talking about. Outdoors, this autumn. Now, before the snow hits. This is the kinda beauty -t hat only shows up for a few days in the back country - that you are missing. Get in the car, get outta town & explore the Eastern Sierra. BISHOP CA

Motorhome Campers

It's not everyday I get to write about the other side of camping. RVing makes up a huge portion of outdoor travelers in the US, especially in the baby-boomers age group. Many want all the creature comforts & hi-speed connections, while others prefer to rough it every now & then. Part timers or full time residents of the road, these motorized homes often serve as a new lifestyle for adventure seekers who are physically less mobile. I photograph the county parks, the secluded camps, the primitive sites, and the city trailer courts. Total Escape can show you the freebie spots, the lake side Campground, the small RV parks & the big luxury RV Resorts. All of it, on one web site. California RV Parks Baja California RV Parks RV Lake Park Free RV Camping RV Motorhome Rentals