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The masses still prefer prime time television and spoon fed news, over the web (www).  Many wish to deny reality and create fantasy, and we are in their clutches. Control and greed go hand and hand, along with profits. Corporations have run us ragged for 50 years. THEY have made us dependent fools, consumers for their worldly game.  Manipulate, associate, master-bate, educate and spread the truth, followed with science. Our planet needs us to care for her, sooner than later. Global warming is happening , we now need a meeting of the minds. Denial is no longer an option. http://earthobservatory. /Features/GlobalWarming/

cheap footwear = cancer

Holy flippin moly. My footwear could give me cancer. Sunday, gorgeous weather, Autumn has arrived, and a laundry kinda afternoon. Not your typical weekend, but who's watching. Chores, yuk. I was hanging my clothes up today and just started thinking about ALL of these plastic hangers I use.  Then it dawned on me that half the stuff in my home is plastic, or some processed chemical wood product. I've heard that some plastics cause cancer, but I never bothered to verify it or look it up. Cancer rates seem epidemic  of recent - but only a few bother to find out the scientific truth.  Is plastic really that bad? it appears so. My bare feet walking, sitting, sweating in these closed-cell foam sport sandal could very well be soaking toxic in the bottom of me feet.  My ultra sticky yoga mat is made from what? Check out the numbers on Ecology Center. information is free