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Fishing Eastern Sierra

brown eye Originally uploaded by dipperflyfishing The brown eye of Mono. A neighbor moved away several years ago, so he could ski Mammoth and work in the Eastern Sierra. A dream perhaps. Now here he is years later, working at the Mobile deli on the far reaches of Yosemite, working 3 jobs.... fly fishing, making your lunch and ski instructing his days away. Way to go buddy! (2013 update) Brandon just informed me via Facebook that he is now living in France, running a Mexican Restaurant. No joke. This guys really knows how to live an adventurous life!

Snowmobiles CA

Did you know snowmobile rentals at Huntington Lake, are half the price of the ones at Mammoth rentals? Sierra Summit Resort and a bitchin' old Saloon nearby. Over 100 miles of groomed trails in the High Sierra. Let's go. Sierra Snowmobiles CA by Chris DiNenna (reposted from Spring 1998)  It was another one of those long and tiring days in the office and all I wanted to do was find myself on a open highway heading out of town. So right after the time clock struck five, I raced home, picked up my bags which were packed with my clothing and gear the night before, stopped at my girlfriends home to rescue her from the mundane existence of the apartment, we found ourselves finally on our way into snow country of the Sierra-Nevadas. Our destination was a small resort community called Lakeshore, situated on the shore of Lake Huntington between the Ansel Adams and John Muir Wildernesses in the Sierra National Forest. The drive up the mountain at dark was breath taking and clea

Indian Mojave

Indian Mojave Originally uploaded by danamight Colorado River Jet Ski The River, the sunshine, the JetSkis, the desert, the dirt roads, the canyons, the water, the fishing. Long before there was a Hoover Dam, or the casinos at Laughlin, there were people living in this desert. Surviving the harsh elements, as we cannot even comprehend in our luxurious ways. We drive by ancient locations, in our air conditioned vehicles with leather seats at 75 mph, heading for the vacation lands below. The big river. Up on the hill, a louder voice calls to me deep within a white sandy canyon. I explore, I hike, I enjoy the outdoors. I look, I find. Find more about Colorado river tribes ... See jet ski rentals on the Colorado River