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OHV Recreation

Los Padres National Forest spans the coastal ranges from the edges of Monterey Bay down to the mountains of Ojai California. This forest offers nearly 1000 miles of designated ORV routes and back roads. Sadly, there are also hundreds of miles of undocumented trails, most of which are the result of illegal vehicle (quad or bike) use on the Mt. Pinos & Santa Lucia Ranger Districts. Areas suffering from the most intensive use include: Mutau/Hungry Valley, Ballinger Canyon, the Highway 33 Corridor, Pozo-LaPanza, and Rockfront. Basically any OHV trails near or around Gorman, Frazier Park, Pine Mountain, Ventucopa, New Cuyama, Santa Maria & Arroyo Grande, CA. HIKERS / BIKERS / CAMPERS / OFFROADERS Total Escape list outdoor recreation for everyone, so please respect the land, the trails & keep 'em open. Simple: Stay on the trail!