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Lights for Camping

With technology comes better lights for camping and outdoor use. Lightweight LED headlamps to gel cell automotive batteries, Total Escape lists a selection of common outdoor batteries. We feature plenty rechargeable batteries. Yet, once again I find myself redesigning the GEAR STORE for you, the outdoor enthusiast. Enjoy the light!

total excape

Do you need a total escape from your daily routine? Total escapes call you from a rut, depression, or boredom. Learn somewhere new. Challenge your navigation skills. Visit often. Over 11 years online totalescape. total excape

Wild Fires California

A transient was found guilty of starting the Day Fire that burned more than 162,000 acres Steven Emory Butcher was found guilty of starting the Day Fire that burned more than 162,000 acres in the Los Padres and Angeles National Forests in 2006, and the Ellis Fire in 2002. Congratulations to Special Agent Heather Campbell and the other Los Padres National Forest personnel who worked very hard to bring this case forward to its successful conclusion.

Lunar Eclipse this week!

As the sun sets on Wednesday, FEB 20th, a total eclipse of the Moon will occur from 5:43 to 9:09pm PST. This lunar eclipse will be visible from North & South America weather permitting. California has a weather system moving in that day, so we may not see it depending on our cloud cover. But go outside anyway, at 6PM WED & watch for it - just to say you tried. You may be in for a nice show if the clouds are cooperating. [This great moon photo is from Lttlbddy Steve's collection.]

keep it coming love

yeah. more snow, more, more.