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Map Availability

Maps can save your life. Maps can get you un-lost and can show you the way. Maps are your escape route outta the city. In a digital world where we are so connected w/ internet, smartphones and GoogleMaps, it is amazing that folks can find there way to real back roads of California. Don't be shocked when your digital signal drops at the wilderness edge and you are finally "away". Most online map sources are NOT accurate beyond the city limits, much less the forest boundary. Seriously folks, THEY don't want you out there. There is no place in the Wilderness to spend any money. Many have not properly logged the back roads yet, or perhaps they just won't make it available to the general public. You'll be lucky if they get the road number correct. BACK ORDERED / BACKORDER? OUT OF PRINT, OUT OF STOCK Availability of good maps is an ongoing issue. It's a unique factor in the map selling business. Although Total Escape carries a variety of Californ