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GMO Movies

California Proposition 37: Label GMO CA Right to Know The biggest food fight in America is happening right here in California.  Watch GMO Movies so you can get the facts and understand the complexities of genetically engineered foods and how they can alter our bodies. In what has become our modern, chemical driven food industry called agriculture, our precious California organic farms are becoming contaminated with pollen from GMO fields nearby. Since it's introduction in 1996, GMO food have been linked to numerous illnesses and disease. Epidemic levels of gut disorders, immune system problems, allergies, asthma, autism, diabetes and cancers all continue to escalate. Food allergies in the USA have doubled in less than 20 years. Gluten free? Diary free? Soy free? Wheat free? Corn free? Peanut free? If you care about the quality of your food and you think you have the Right to Know what's inside your food, learn more now so you can Vote Yes on Prop 37 Below