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RoadTrip Planner

NEW SEARCH California road trip planner Like cooking and gardening, travel and trip planning is an art form unto itself. Local vacations should be worry free and easy, close to home, with plenty of time for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. Spend some time dreaming, browsing online and planning (well in advance). Laying down a basic itinerary ahead of time will help so you can see more sights - and stress less. is an invaluable tool for planning local road trips, getting an overview, plus an idea of travel time, mileage and distance. Total Escape is now 17 years old and founder DanaMite is celebrating this milestone by cleaning house, redesigning some areas and moving servers. So, this was perfect time to redo the SEARCH tool , aka search box, search Total Escape featured at the top of every page. Please take in mind that there are two different sites that make up Total Escape (not including the blogspot blog, flickr photos or any social media pages).

Organic California

organic cali Organic search results proves well for Total Escape data. (Google Analytics 2008) If you are actually searching for prime Organic finds inside California - organic cafes, organic wineries, organic farms, organic bnbs, organic orchards, organic food seeds, farm stands, fine dining restaurants... you will find organic small businesses listed on the A to Z town pages under local links section.

Pismo Beach Camping

Pismo Beach California is the big beach oriented tourist destination along the Central Coast of California & just south of San Luis Obispo . Ocean front sand dunes is the primary draw here at Pismo. The Oceano State Vehicular Recreation Area (aka Pismo Dunes) is a seaside haven for off-roaders wanting cooler temps & coastal breezes. This off road park is actually located between Grover Beach and the town of Oceano, miles south of Pismo Pier. You can actually drive your vehicle on the beach sand & set up camp on the shore. Pismo also has a State Park Beach Campground as well & that is more suited for RVs, family camping & tent camping. Downtown Pismo has several private RV parks, which are walking distance from the popular pier and  many restaurants. Oceano has a county run campground near a lagoon and close to the beach too. Pismo State Beach Oceano SVRA Oceano County Campground Inland from Grover Beach is Arroyo Grande Lake Lopez, for those wi

Trinity Alps Wilderness Topo Map

Trinity Wilderness Map  new edition 2013  After 2 years outta stock status the Trinity Alps Wilderness Map is finally back in stock at Total Escape. USDA recently updated, reprinted and released this long-waited NorCal title and we expect it to be a great seller (just like the last version was). Backpacking, day hiking, horseback, high elevation camping - all campgrounds, roads, trails, waterfalls, lakes, mountain peaks and trailheads. Trinity River, Salmon River, Klamath River, Highway 96, Highway 3, Forks of the Salmon. Surrounded by Six Rivers National Forest and Trinity National Forest, both west of Interstate 5 in Northern California.   nearby towns include -  Douglas City, CA Etna, CA Fort Jones, CA French Gulch Gazelle, CA Happy Camp, CA Helena Junction City Lewiston, CA Orleans, CA Trinity Center Weaverville, CA Willow Creek Yreka, CA   Big Foot in Happy Camp, CA

Hume Lake & 2 National Parks

If you are searching for an alpine lake near a National Park to visit - that is driving distance from Southern California, the dual region of Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Park are easy access. These 2 popular parks are located in the southern most sections of the Sierra Nevada. Hume Lake is located in between both of these parks & offers a variety of camping options - cabins, campgrounds, primitive camping, backpacking and horse packs. Giant Sequoia groves are to the south via Highway 198, which leads down the hill to Mineral King Road & the riverside village of Three Rivers. Big Meadows Road #14S11 is a prime choice for folks who want to camp away from the National Parks, but still be within driving distance. The further back on this narrow road you drive, the better it gets. The wilderness boundary is 12 miles back, becoming dirt roads forking off in many directions. Great horse camping near a big meadow too. Buck Rock Fire Lookout is worth a hike up with s