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Yes, I've been moonlighting. Been away from this blogging & been creating my very own WordPress blog, over on Total Escape - where it was badly needed. Still getting used to it, so it's gonna look a lil messy for a while. I started rebuilding the decade old California Fairs, Festivals & Events page & I am up to 300 jamborees so far. Got everything from Marathons to Lobster Fests, mountain bike races, wine tasting competitions, street fairs, jazz festivals. County fairs, Ren faires, brewfests, 4x4 races, all kinds of annual events around California. The ones you wont wanna miss, - or maybe the towns your need to avoid, on festival weekends. At Total Escape, you can choose your weekend solitude, or your wild local entertainment. Inputting these huge lists by hand is so time consuming & carpel tunnel may be setting in soon, but it is fun to read about all the culture & diversity on our California back roads. R

Beautiful Banners

Let's hear it for the graphic designers. After years of looking at smiley face blinking banners, we now have photo rich quality advertising on the web. If Total Escape is gonna run banner advertising, it must be NICE LOOKING. This incredibly pretty ad to the left is for Hawaiian Airlines & what else would you expect. They are selling their beauty, their island, that destination. The mere name Hawaii alone sells their brand. California of course has it's own beauty, as the Total Escape site can show you. Can we get the California local businesses to provide us with quality ads as well? Only time will tell. No shortage of resorts, or vacation oriented businesses in California.