Half Moon Campground

Los Padres NF: Half Moon Camp

2006 Day Fire wildfire burned most of the Sespe Wilderness

Piru Creek Camping
Lockwood Valley, Sespe Wilderness Trailheads

Late afternoon sun at uncrowded Half Moon campground
Los Padres National Forest

West of Frazier Park & north of Ojai Camping -
12 camp sites on creek @ 4700' elevation
vault toilet, creek, pine forest, Sespe Wilderness
first come, first served camping

Max Camper Length: 0
RV, motorhomes, camper trailers are not advised
Access by long dirt road with creek crossings, high clearance recommended.

Lockwood Ranger Station:

Backpacking, car camping, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, mountain biking, off-roading.

Piru Creek valley overlook on the way to Mutau Flat and Half Moon

From Ojai, California take Hwy 33. Turn right (east) on Lockwood Valley. Turn right (south) on Mutau Flat Road #7N03 and continue 9 miles to the campground at junction with #7N13.

From Frazier Park, head west of town and turn left on Lockwood Valley. Pass the ranger station a few miles, then turn left (south) on Mutau Flat Road #7N03 and continue 9 miles to the campground at junction with #7N13.

BACK ROAD: Dirt roads with rough spots and some possible stream crossings. OHV 4WD route called Piru Creek Trail #128 begins near the campground. The ever popular 4x4 Miller Jeep Trail is also nearby, but Alamo Mountain would be a better choice for a campground near the top (end) of the trail.

Los Padres Maps

WATER: Bordering on the verge of SoCal high desert this coastal mountain range sees seasonal creeks that dry up, so don't always expect water. This is not the Sierra Nevada. 

SESPE HOT SPRINGS: Half Moon Campground is the closest car camping area to the super remote Sespe Hot Springs - a long 7 mile hike (one way). Hike it round trip in one day, you won't be enjoying yourself. It's a good for an overnight backpack destination, but pretty tough for a day hike.


trailheads nearby -
Sespe Hot Springs [20W10]
Johnson Ridge [20W12]
Stonehouse Mutau Creek [20W35]
Piru Creek OHV Trail [128] 

Jefferey pines for a hammock!