California Wildfire Affected Areas: Creek Fire

2020 Creek Fire

Fresno County & Madera County

379,895 Acres burned

856 buildings destroyed

Ron @ Big Creek Falls 2003

News Headlines: California National Guard rescued 242 people by helicopter from the Mammoth Pool Boat Launch throughout the night, due to a fast moving wildfire.


Central Sierra Nevada Mountains

Big Creek Powerhouse

Shaver Lake, CA

Huntington Lake, CA

Lakeshore, CA

North Fork, CA

Tollhouse, CA

Mammoth Pool - summer 2008

Sierra Areas affected by the wildfire:

California SR 168 (Highway 168)
Huntington Lake Road
Alder Springs Rd
Dawn Road
Musik Peak Rd

Million Dollar Road
County Road 233
County Road 2710

Minerets Road
Sierra Vista Scenic Byway

Sierra National Forest

Kaiser Pass Road

Balsam Creek
Balsam Forebay
Balsam Meadow
Balsam Meadows Sno-Park
Bear Meadow
Brown Cone
Burrough Valley
Cascadel Woods
Cassidy Meadows
Cedar Crest
Chiquito Creek
Chiquito Ridge
Coyote Sno-Park
Devils Table
Ely Mountain
Fawn Meadow
Fernandez Trailhead
Fuller Buttes
Heitz Meadow
Hells Half Acre Trailhead
Italian Bar Road
Jackass Meadow
John Muir Wilderness
Kaiser Peak
Logan Meadow Trailhead
Madera Peak
Mammoth Trailhead
Mile High Vista
Minarets Range
Musik Mountain
Matthews Mill
Mono Creek Trailhead
Mono Crossing
Mount Tom
Norris Trailhead
Onion Springs Meadow Trailhead
Pincushion Peak
Pine Ridge
Rattlesnake Trailhead
Sample Meadow Trailhead
Shuteye Peak
Stevenson Creek
Tamarack Creek
Tenessee Point
Tollhouse Road
Tule Meadow
Vermillion Valley Resort
Ward Lake
Warm Springs Trailhead

Sierra National Forest (peak beauty 2001)

San Joaquin River @ Florence

Campgrounds affected by the wildfire:

Billy Creek Campground
Bosillo Campground
China Bar Campground
Clover Meadow Campground
Gaggs Camp
Far Meadow Campground
Fish Creek Campground
Little Jackass Campground
Lower Chiquito Campground
Mammoth Pool Campground
Mono Creek Campground
Portal Forebay Campground
Redinger Campground
Rock Creek Campground
Sample Meadow Campground
Soda Springs Campground
Sweetwater Campground
Tah Creek Camp
Upper Chiquito Campground
West Kaiser Campground
Whiskey Falls Campground 

Sierra National Forest Routes affected by the wildfire:

Forest Road 5 West Kaiser
Stump Springs Road

Beasore Road
Forest Road 7

Edison Lake Road

Kaiser Pass Road
Forest Road 80

Minerets Road
Forest Road 81

Forest Rte #5S06
Forest Rte #5S07 Beasore
Forest Rte #5S30 Clover Meadow
Forest Rte #6S02 Mount Tom
Forest Rte #6S48
Forest Rte #6S58 Jackass
Forest Rte #7S02
Forest Rte #7S07
Forest Rte #8S08 Musik Mountain
Forest Rte #8S09
Forest Rte #9S07
Forest Rte #9S09 
Forest Rte #10S02 Peterson Mill
Forest Rte #10S18

Redinger Lake, Sierra NF

Italian Bar Road @ Redinger