Whiskeytown Lake NRA

One great thing about Redding California is its proximity to awesome Northern California forests. Another is the big Sacramento River flowing right through the middle of town.


UPDATE: 2022

Updating this original 2007 blog post because of all the recent wildfires that have drastically affected the North State.

Shasta Lake is due north & beyond that lies gigantic Mount Shasta. The Delta Fire & Hirz Fire have both burnt acres of terrain along Interstate 5 and many region may still be closed to camping and hiking. The PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) crosses this forest, north of the Shasta Lake/Reservoir.

To the east is Lassen Volcanic National Park and half the park was burnt by the massive Dixie Fire. Both communities of Mineral and Mill Creek were spared and the forest is still intact.

2021 DIXIE FIRE - https://totalescape.blogspot.com/2021/12/dixie-fire-2021.html

The first place you will see along Highway 299 after historic old town Shasta is Whiskeytown. 

The whole Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is now surrounded by burnt forests. But you can still find abundant wildflowers, flowing rivers, feeder creeks, fishing, and the majestic Shasta Trinity National Forest. Take the first left into the first parking lot & check out the view and the massive size of this reservoir. Afternoon suns glares off the water and the wind does pick up in the late hours of the day. So with that being said, the canoes and kayakers are generally out in the morning hours.

2018 CARR FIRE - https://totalescape.blogspot.com/2021/12/carr-fire-2018.html

This is a super popular lake for boating, fishing & camping. Oak Bottom Campground is along the highway & has plenty of camp sites. Many are walk-in campsites. If you take the back road across the dam & follow the Clear Creek up to the waterfalls, you can find a secluded canyon - way back where the locals like to hang. RV's & trailers are not recommended for this last stretch.

To the west side of Redding is the Trinity Alps Wilderness, the Trinity River & Trinity Lake. The Monument wildfire affected this area, mostly along the highway, west of Weaverville, California


If it seems that there are so many wildfires, affected so many beautiful places around California - you would be right. The weather has changed and we have much dryer forests than just a few decades ago. 

Get out soon to see all the places that haven't burned yet!