California Wildfire Affected Areas: Dixie Fire

Dixie Fire 2021 

Dixie Fire 2021

963,309 Acres burned

Butte County, California
Plumas County, California
Lassen County, California
Shasta County, California
Tehama County, California

Almanor, CA
Buntingville, CA
Canyondam, CA
Clear Creek, CA
Jonesville, CA
Keddie, CA
Milford, CA

CA SR 70 (Highway 70 N Feather River Canyon)
CA SR 36 (Highway 36 E)
CA SR 89 (Highway 89)
CA SR 44 (Highway 44)

Areas affected by this wildfire:

PCT Pacific Crest Trail
(Bucks Lake to the Hat Creek Rim)

Feather River North Fork 

Susan River Headwaters

Bucks Lake Beach

Antelope Lake
Butt Valley Lake
Butte Lake
Caribou Lake
Echo Lake
Elizabeth Lake
High Lakes 4x4 Area
Homer Lake
Horseshoe Lake
Lake Almanor
Long Lake
Lower Bucks Lake
Mountain Meadows Reservoir
Philbrook Reservoir
Round Valley Reservoir
Snag Lake @ Lassen
Star Lake
Taylor Lake
Three Lakes
Widow Lake
Willow Lake
Wilson Lake

Coppervale Ski Area

Downtown Greenville Burned Down AUG 4th

Round Valley Reservoir

Campgrounds affected by this wildfire:

Bogart Campground
Boulder Creek Campground
Butte Lake Campground NPS
Butte Meadows Campground
Cold Springs Campground
Crocker Campground
Domingo Springs Campground
Echo Lake Campground
Gansner Bar Campground
Greenville Campground
Gurnsey Campground
Hallstead Campground
High Bridge Campground
Juniper Lake Campground NPS
Last Chance Campground
Lone Rock Campground
North Fork Campground
North Shore Campground
Philbrook Lake Campground
Ponderosa Flat Campground
Queen Lily Campground
Round Valley Campground
Roxie Peconom Campground
Silver Lake Campground
Spanish Creek Campground
Summit Lake Campground NPS
Susan River Campground
Swain Mountain Campground
Taylorsville Campground
Warner Creek Campground
Warner Valley Campground NPS
Willow Springs Campground
Yellow Creek Campground

Lake Almanor w/ Lassen Peak

Forest Routes affected by this wildfire:

Lassen Forest Road 10
Forest Rte #25N05
Forest Rte #25N18
Forest Rte #25N42
Forest Rte #26N26
Forest Rte #27N26
Forest Rte #27N80
Forest Rte #29N18
Forest Rte #29N19
Forest Rte #29N46 (Moonlight Rd)
Forest Rte #32N09
Forest Rte #32N21

Gorgeous Indian Valley in 2011

Specific Areas affected by this wildfire:

Argentine Rock
Bailey Creek
Bald Eagle Mountain
Banner Creek
Beckwourth Genesee Rd 70
Beckwourth Taylorsville Rd 111
Big Pine
Bogart Buttes
Bumpass Hell
Butterfly Valley
Caribou Road
Chambers Peak
Chester Juniper Lake Rd 318
Childs Meadows
China Grade Rd 403
Clarks Creek
Coyote Peak
Devils Halfacre
Devils Kitchen
Diamond Mountain Road 213
Diamond Mountains
Doe Mountain
Drakesbad Guest Ranch
Dyer Mountain
Evans Peak
Fredonyer Pass
Genesee Valley
Greenhorn Creek
Grizzly Ridge
Hamilton Mountain
Hat Creek Rim
Hat Mountain
Humboldt Peak
Humboldt Road 308
Humbug Summit Road
Humbug Road
Indian Creek
Indian Creek Road 43
Indian Valley
Indian Falls
Janesville Grade Rd 01
Juniper Lake
Keddie Ridge
King Creek
Lights Creek
Little Grizzly Creek
Lost Creek
Mill Creek
Mill Creek Plateau
Moonlight Peak
Morgan Mountain
Mount Harkness
Mount Hough
Mount Hough Rd 403
Mount Ingalls
Mount Pleasant
Ohio Valley
Pilot Mountain
Robbers Creek
Rock Creek
Rush Creek
Sifford Mountain
Stover Mountain
Subway Cave
Swain Mountain
Taylor Rock
Thompson Peak
Twin Bridges
Warner Creek
Warner Valley Rd 312
West Prospect Peak
Wilson Lake Rd 311

taylorsville road sign
Taylorsville California

subway cave hat creek
Subway Cave Lava Tube @ Old Station, CA