Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Like cooking and gardening, travel and trip planning is an art form unto itself. Local vacations should be worry free and easy, close to home, with plenty of time for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. Spend some time dreaming, browsing online and planning (well in advance). Laying down a basic itinerary ahead of time will help so you can see more sights - and stress less. is an invaluable tool for planning local road trips, getting an overview, plus an idea of travel time, mileage and distance.

Total Escape is now 17 years old and founder DanaMite is celebrating this milestone by cleaning house, redesigning some areas and moving servers. So, this was perfect time to redo the SEARCH tool, aka search box, search Total Escape featured at the top of every page.

Please take in mind that there are two different sites that make up Total Escape (not including the blogspot blog, flickr photos or any social media pages).

The main content site featuring 4000+ pages of California Destinations - small towns, mountain lakes, parks and forests, lodges, camping, all outdoor recreation, guides, gear, real photos of real places.

This is the map store site which DanaMite sells topo maps in and around California - so you can get outta the city limits, on the back roads and peacefully lost at the creek.

It is also a place to purchase advertising on the Total Escape web site.

The Total Escape main header has a brand new Google powered search tool in the navigation (top right), which means it is super thorough, accurate results, and stylish, but you're gonna have to live with the ads. This spot will search both the content site and the map products.

Topographic map store has a separate search text box for "Search entire store here…" (upper right) that searches only the products inside the store.

If you are looking for "SoCal desert camping", "rock petroglyphs" or "Mojave ghost towns" the map store will show you products / printed maps only - NOT photos and info on the secret fishing hole. You need to dig deep into the main site for that juicy info. Luckily we just updated the ways to search Total Escape.

"Search all of Total Escape Adventures" is now at the very bottom of all the store pages, so you can search Total Escape with ease.

Enjoy planning your road trip:
use Total Escape for cheap weekends outdoors!