Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Camping without a Campfire

Camping without a campfire sounds like swimming without water to some people. Half the reason to go camping is to sit around the group fire at night enjoying the gorgeous night air & good conversation.

Here in California we have many fire restrictions in place, especially in Southern California. With the expanding population moving in to the state, we now have less rural lands available than ever before.

Current ongoing drought conditions in much of California means tight restrictions on campfires - inside and outside of campgrounds.

You are responsible for knowing the campfire restrictions in the forest you are visiting, so make sure to find out ahead of time. NFS 

Late Summer to Autumn season campfire restrictions can apply to backpacking in the high country, back roads dispersed camping, and sometimes even regular campgrounds.

When wildfire danger is greatest no campfires are allowed anywhere in the forest, even inside developed campgrounds. Our over-managed forest lands, with drought, bark beetles infestation and rapid fire cycles, and limited fire crews - burn thousands of acres each year. When wilderness areas get closed off & dirt road routes get overgrown, no one can access them - not even fire trucks or emergency personnel. Half the forest easily can ignite like the 2006 Day Fire in Los Padres that lasted well over a month.

Many developed campgrounds are not even allowing campfires during the dry season. Can you blame them? We all know California is prone to wildfires. Learning to camp without a campfire can be a challenge, so we're here to help. What is there to do at night without a campfire?

1.) Stargaze
2.) Moonlight Hike
3.) Off Roading - Night Run!
4.) Listen to Music & Talk
5.) Play Musical Instrument & Sing
6.) Learn your GPS
7.) Mountain Bike w/ Light
8.) Read with a Candle or Flashlight
9.) Watch a DVD on Laptop (?)

Dome Land Wilderness wild fire burned (2000)

Lynn from Frazier Park captured this surreal shot looking north into the great Central Valley with the eerie smoke & sunlight during a frequent wild fire season.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Campground Reservations with Total Escape

Campground Reservations w/ Reserve America are back!

just in time for summer

No hurry, no worries, as you coast down the forested route to your premiere camping destination. A shady campground near an alpine lake or fishing creek is a favorite destination for many in California. Summer time is here and it seems everyone is on vacation; but alas, you have camping reservations at this perfect spot - a camp site held specifically for you.

Over the past two decades Total Escape has seen numerous affiliate programs disappear, hundreds of independent lodges go out of business and recreation outfitters close shop. About 5 years ago ReserveAmerica, the nationwide campground reservation system, was acquired by Active.com. Soon after most of our campground links were null and void, so DanaMite updated them to something more relevant.

Well it has taken a several years but we finally got all the new camping reservation links back up, so you can now reserve a campground through Total Escape - again!

California State Parks, NPS, NFS, Regional & County Parks
All campgrounds listed by nearest town on the California A-Z page.


Monday, June 8, 2015

California Lakes With Water

California Lake Destinations

Record low lake levels at most reservoirs & lakes!

The mega drought continues. Don't be disappointed on vacation: Lack of water at your lake destination may leave you mad this season. Know before you go. Check out the California Water Information page for more specific information.

Reservoirs listed below are the lakes with the most water in California (as of June 2015). Number represents percent of capacity.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Gold Country Map

Destinations Map of Gold Country

All old REGION maps on DESTINATIONS will slowly be replaced this summer with new, customized GoogleMaps. Showing links to small towns, sightseeing stops, hiking trailheads, dining options, cabins and camping. The destinations and links will grow over time with more being added.

Sierra Nevada Foothills, Historical Gold Rush California

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sierra Mountains Map

Destinations Map of The Sierras

Long ago I began compiling photos and data on remote back roads of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Now it's my (dream) job. Reworking and updating old pages every decade, whether they need it or not.

All old REGION maps on DESTINATIONS will slowly be replaced this summer with new, customized GoogleMaps. Showing links to small towns, sightseeing stops, hiking trailheads, dining options, cabins and camping.

The highest peaks in the nation seem like a good place to start.

Sierra Nevada Mountains, California