California Wildfire Affected Areas: Donnell Fire

Donnell Fire 2018

36,450 Acres

Tuolumne County, California

Dardanelle, CA

Sonora Pass CA SR 108 (Hwy 108)

Stanislaus River in 2004

Areas affected by this wildfire:

Carson Iceberg Wilderness 
Donnell Lake
Arnot Creek 
Douglas Creek
Eagle Creek

Donnell Fire burn scars

Dardanelle Resort (slowly rebuilding)

Barker Station
Double Dome Rock

County Line Trailhead

Wheats Meadow Trailhead

Trailheads affected by this wildfire:

Arnot Creek Trailhead
Clark Fork Trailhead
Columns of the Giants
County Line Trailhead
Disaster Creek Trailhead
Seven Pines Trailhead
Wheats Meadow Trailhead

Meadow at end of Road #6N06

Trails affected by this wildfire:

19E06 Trail
19E16 Trail
19E47 Trail
19EV1208 Trail
19EV97 Trail
20E05 Trail
20E07 Trail
20E08 Trail
20E62 Trail

NFS Dardanelle Campground in 2004

Campgrounds affected by this wildfire:

Boulder Flat Campground
Brightman Flat Campground
Camp Jack Hazard Campground
Clark Fork Campground
Dardanelle Campground
Eureka Valley Campground
Fence Creek Campground
Peaceful Pines Campground
Pigeon Flat Campground
Sand Flat Campground

Forest Routes affected by this wildfire:

Forest Rte #6N06

Forest Rte #7N83 (Clark Fork)

Donnell Fire burn scars