Thursday, May 10, 2007

Whiskeytown Lake NRA

The one great thing about Redding California is it proximity to awesome the NorCal Wilderness. Shasta Lake is die north & beyond that lies Mount Shasta. To the east is Lassen National Park & all it's volcanic glory. To the west of Redding is the Trinity Alps, the Trinity River & Trinity Lake. The first place you see along Hwy 299 after the historic Shasta town is Whiskeytown Lake.

The whole Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is surrounded by forests, rivers, creeks, fishing, and the majestic Shasta Trinity National Forest.

Take the first left into the first parking lot & check out the view of all the pines, the massive size of this reservoir & the afternoon suns glare off the water. This is a popular lake for boating, fishing & camping. Oak Bottom Campground is along the highway & has plenty sites. If you take the back road across the dam & follow the Clear Creek up to the waterfalls, you can find a secluded camp - way back where the locals like to hang. RV's & trailers are not recommended for this last stretch.