Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hume Lake & 2 National Parks

If you are searching for an alpine lake near a National Park to visit - that is driving distance from Southern California, the dual region of Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Park are easy access. These 2 popular parks are located in the southern most sections of the Sierra Nevada. Hume Lake is located in between both of these parks & offers a variety of camping options - cabins, campgrounds, primitive camping, backpacking and horse packs.

Giant Sequoia groves are to the south via Highway 198, which leads down the hill to Mineral King Road & the riverside village of Three Rivers.

Big Meadows Road #14S11 is a prime choice for folks who want to camp away from the National Parks, but still be within driving distance. The further back on this narrow road you drive, the better it gets. The wilderness boundary is 12 miles back, becoming dirt roads forking off in many directions. Great horse camping near a big meadow too. Buck Rock Fire Lookout is worth a hike up with spectacular views over the whole area.

Hume Lake offers kayak rentals, sail boats, fishing & swimming, plus it's centrally located between these popular destinations. Several small campgrounds are nearby on back roads, as well as the busy lake Campgrounds. Tourists season hear is all summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Be prepared to picnic on the shady shores or spend a whole day enjoying this Sierra gem of a lake.


Numerous Sequoia groves line the ridge on General's Highway 190, Crystal Cave, Homers Nose, and Mineral King


Hume Lake is on the west side of Kings Canyon. Impressive, deep, granite gorge of Kings Canyon is to the north, with places like Boyden Cavern & Roaring River Falls. You could easily spend a week exploring this canyon.

Hiking trailheads and dispersed camping options.

Horse Corral Meadows - near Wilderness trailheads

Crystal Cave offers daily tours, South end of Sequoia NP