Monday, May 19, 2008

How do you find these places?

This is one of the top questions I get when discussing my travels.

That rare secluded beach camp with whole sand dollars at the shore; the private wildflower meadow at the end of the dirt road in the High Sierra; the fern lined, boulder creek camp with swimming hole & a perfect hammock spot.

For the past decade I have driven around the state of California (& some Baja) researching & visiting unheard of destinations, taking notes, taking photos, way pointing my GPS, and serving it up to you, my loyal Escapers. My passion is outdoors and I want you to experience the best way possible.

You need to understand a few things about me, DanaMite.
I have more free time to browse photos and study topo maps than your average American, due to the fact that I:
a.) am not a mother
b.) am not someones wife
c.) do not own a television
d.) am obsessed w/ outdoors

While the first 2 items amaze common folk, the third really sends them into a frenzy. No T.V. yes, you heard right! The boob tube will kill any critical thinking skills, if you had them in the first place.

No commuting and shopping addiction, I choose to spend plenty of time to work on my home biz, study books, gaze at travel brochures, millions of photos, internet web sites and most importantly MAPS.

Topo and back road maps are the key to finding the best places to vacation in the Wilderness areas of California. If you wanna stay well away from the tourists this summer, you can start with the Total Escape photos on flickr, check out the back road page & then order some maps online.