Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lavatube, Mojave National Preserve

I knew it. There had to be cool underground features like these lava tubes & caves out there. Jesse & I searched but did not find. Been out to Mojave Preserve six times. We'll hafta keep looking.

Vast spans of Mojave desert encompass historic mines, buildings, railroads, mountain peaks, boulders, joshua trees, pinyon pine forests, caverns and caves, lava tubes, sands dunes, dirt roads and a new, totally restored Kelso train depot - out in the huge triangle of land, east of Barstow. Near Interstate 40, Interstate 15 & the Nevada state line. Way out there in the middle of freakin nowhere near Kelso, Cima & Kelbaker Rd.

For best results arrive in day light hours when first visiting this unfamiliar desert region. It's easy to get lost without light or without a GPS. Maps are only as good as the ones you brought and how bright your dome light is in the car. Don't rely on cell phone coverage in this rural locale. Many dirt roads become rutted, so know your vehicle clearance in advance. No towing companies for many miles. Amboy, on National Trails Highway south of I-40, isn't always open. They close early and they may not always have gasoline.

Kelso Depot is a great side trip in route to Las Vegas. Mojave scenery and serenity offers a easily a week of total relaxation in a rugged terrain - camping, mountain biking and hiking. Backpacking high desert. Off road routes and trails nearby. Car camping on secluded back roads, or in developed campgrounds. RV campers and equestrian folks love this area.

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