Monday, March 24, 2014

Where'd She Go?

It often seems as if I have forgotten about this long standing blogger blog, leaving it for months at a time without a post (maybe while traveling for weeks or working other more pressing projects).

Over this past winter, I spent much time rebuilding older pages to a new format (WordPress) Outside Blog and I will continue this throughout the year.

Covering the back roads like no other! I, DanaMite, am dedicated to the whole of Total Escape, my 8000 page web site on California travel destinations, off the beaten path. Established way back in 1996, in the web 1.0 days, on a 33k modem.

First and foremost that I can offer is real world content, real experiences, travel logs, photos, GPS data and research I gather while exploring the golden state. Sleeping on the ground, tent camping outside of developed campgrounds, way back there "out in the field".

Lakes, Rivers, Wilderness, Outdoor Recreation, Small Towns & Unique Lodging

Managing databases on California destinations, info and topographic maps; Thousands of photos, plus topo map store and gear shop - Total Escape is my day job! My commute is walking to the local post office to mail out your map orders. Snail mail or USPS Priority, cheap and reliable. Imus, NatGeo, Tom Harrison, USDA, Wilderness Press, stocking plenty West Coast maps. Yep, this is how I make my living.

One big, old web site and the ecommerce store is what I primarily concentrate on. But let us not forgot the massive amount of outgoing links, small business listings, system updates, web code, advertising, blogs and social media that constantly need attention. It's a one woman show here at Total Escape and it's going on 18 years this coming autumn.

Total Escape is a huge, old, rich web site, chock full of camping and outdoor recreation ideas. Spring thru Summer 2014 - both the map store and web site are being upgraded to read better on mobile devices.

In my free time.... organic gardens. I recently began growing my own food!

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