Friday, February 17, 2012

Sequoia Forest Update

Update for Sequoia Forest, 2012

Southern Sierra areas include - Sequoia National Forest, Kern River Canyon, Kernville, Tehachapi, Kennedy Meadows, Golden Trout, Domeland, Western Divide, Giant Sequoia National Monument.
Further north, there is a small chunk of National Forest land smack dab in between Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, some of the best, free Sequoia car camping anywhere.

new: USDA National Forest waterproof map, updated and printed in late 2011. The Wilderness areas of the Southern Sierra Nevada, known as SEQUOIA, has renamed their ranger districts too.

    Kern river & Sequoia ranger offices

  • What was once Greenhorn Ranger District is now called Kern River Ranger District - one office in Kernville and one office on Lake Isabella
  • Sequoia Hot Springs Ranger District in California Hot Springs is gone and a new Western Divide Ranger District is located in Springville, CA. Giant Sequoia is part of the Western Divide Highway, up near Ponderosa, CA
  • West of Kings Canyon NP,  Hume Lake Ranger District remains the same.
  • Cannel Meadows/Troy Meadows Ranger District, near Kennedy Meadows, may be a seasonal summer gig - if it exists at all.

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