Sunday, October 17, 2010


Lifetime warranties on outdoor gear are few and far between. Most supplies subjected to hard weather conditions and wilderness elevations damage quickly, unless they are designed to withstand these kinda harsh conditions.

A new, non name brand, dirt cheap tent can last a year or two. There are plenty of used tents and gear on Coleman tents usually last an average of 10 years, depending on the user frequency. Total Escape's DanaMite camps out about 20 times per year, so a more durable tent was needed. Wind-proofing is non-existant, but weather proofing and bubble designs make tents more wind resistant. Eureka tents can hold up to some mighty crazy wind gusts and many campers swear by this brand alone.

Over a decade ago, a small gear company named Paha Que asked us to review a small tent of theirs. This is the 10-year-after-the-fact write-up on that product.

Awesome vestibule (extra large rain fly) that allows extra space for cooking or storage

Black Mountain Tent

  • tent fabric is excellent
  • awesome flexible poles
  • straps and eye lits still very strong
  • screen is in great shape
  • zippers needed repairing, twice
  • water-resistant rainfly/ vestibule are huge (big enough to cook out on the front porch, during a storm, if needbe)

Yep, the zippers are always the first to fail... within the first 5 years, but the manufacturer stood behind the lifetime warranty 100%. They repaired or replaced the zippers and everyone was indeed a happy camper.

Unfortunately Paha Que doesn't make the Black Mountain tent anymore, but you can still find this brand on Amazon with links below.