Monday, October 4, 2010

Kern Graffiti

Kern Graffiti
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River trash runs rampant in the Kern River Valley. Party animal campers leave their marks well into the next generation for this canyon. Kern is the closest BIG RIVER to SoCal - so the neglect and abuse are starting to really make a big impression. This popular recreation spot is often a rafters first time exploring the sport, a mountain bike haven, a backpacker or fishermen's paradise - but sadly, Kern Canyon needs help.

California Wilderness boundaries are becoming less and less pristine.


1. having its original purity; uncorrupted or unsullied.
2. of or pertaining to the earliest period or state; primitive.

1525–35; L pristinus & early; akin to primus 

1. undefiled, unpolluted, untouched

Imagine a weekend at the river in late summer. No crowds, cuz the kids are back in school. Free camping all over the place. Hot sunny days, thunderstorms, mountain bike trails and mountain breezes. Big fish in the river! Sadly - your vision of beauty becomes soiled as a balled up baby diaper goes floating by. Microtrash beaches consist of deep, soft sand full of cigarette butts and bottle caps, rivers polluted with beer cans and broken glass - and graffiti on numerous rocks.

Yep, this is your big wilderness play ground for the Southern Sierras. What are we gonna do about it?

2010 KERN wildfire scorches most recent @ RiverKern & Lower Kern River, W of Remington Hot Springs.