Monday, April 19, 2010

Outside in Kern

For those of you who haven't been out to see the wildflowers this Spring, you are missing the best show in decades!

These little beauties are short lived. Certain canyons on the coast may bloom for months, but most of inland California has pockets of color, sporadically, lasting a weeks at most. You can drive past a spectacular bloom one week and the next week it's gone. Peak season means a very temporary window of opportunity for wildflower viewing. California flora blossoms, opens to glorious color during warm sunshine and then vanishes a week later.

Gorman @ Tejon is about to explode very soon. Carrizo & Wind Wolves already peaked. Lower Kern is delightful. Klipstein Canyon off Hwy 166 is blooming alive.

Remember the higher the elevation, the later the bloom.
1000' to 4000' (prime time now, April 2010)