Monday, April 8, 2013

Mohave Preserve

Mojave Desert / Mohave Camping

Mojave, one of the largest deserts in the USA. Named after the Mohave tribe of Native Americans, it contains a number of ghost towns, the old railroad depots, and nearly 2000 plants species. The Mojave Desert is crossed by major routes - Interstate 15, Interstate 40, US Highway 395 & US Highway 95. READ MORE

Right in the middle of the Mojave Desert is the National Preserve. The largest joshua tree forest in the state of Cali. Summer temps can easily reach the triple digits, so camping and hiking is most favored in autumn, winter or spring months. There are many primitive style (free) camp spots inside the park and surrounding the park, and there are also a few developed campgrounds as well. Goffs schoolhouse to the east has outdoor showers.
Hundreds if not thousands of dirt roads network the Mojave desert
This desert park is an ideal spot for "in-route camping" and RVs if traveling to or from Southern California. Graded roads and paved roads make it easy access, but you best get a good topo map of this place if you plan to explore it in any depth. TOM HARRISON & NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC both make excellent maps of this area. The camping photo above is the secret boulder cove, off Kelbaker Road. Go see if you can find it (but please don't trash it).


Surrounded by the preserve is Providence Mountains State Recreation Area, home to Mitchell Caverns & Winding Stair Caverns. There is a small campground with an spectacular view up near the caves.

Kelso Depot has been renovated & restored, serving as the main Visitor Center.
Lake Mohave is part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area

lake mohave

Along the state border of the eastern edge of California where Nevada & Arizona meet, the Colorado River below Hoover dam gives way to a large reservoir called LAKE MOHAVE. The lake is great for secluded 4x4 camping, fishing, boating and kayaking. Access to this remote area is thru Searchlight, NV.

El Dorado Canyon rents kayaks, a few miles west of the lake.