Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wilderness Mountains

Santa Barbara coast is 40 miles away, but it's on fire again, so we usually bolt up to the Sierra Nevada mountains. Big rivers, hot springs, granite wall and zillions of dirt roads.

Pieces of an email spawn new topics, spanning fresh ideas, friends sharing groceries today. Online, in the wild. Pretty much.

My life, a silly hi-tech dream sometimes, is me working from a remote mountain village in SoCal, but too often in front of a computer -- on beautiful sunny days. Cool mountain breezes still make their way into my small office. My big dead line daily is to mail your maps, priority. Away from the city, deep in the woods. Minimal facilities, the mail leaves the hill at 3pm, sharp. No good restaurants, a small golf course, one crappy local pub w/ classic rock, black ice, winter snows and often, stuck on slow dial up (old skool, 56k internet connection, slow as molasses).

This is what I do. I type, nearly every day or night, many 4 hour shifts...just to tell you about my fantastic, adventurous, beautiful journeys to the California Wilderness. Digital photography is my main means to get you this important message, as my writing skills kinda suck. Getting your ass outside, often, is my main goal.

Cali, you can SEE MANY MORE PHOTO here!