Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ward Lake, Sierra Nevada

Ward Lake
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This is one of those places you drive by once, looking at the scene, you say ONE DAY. I gotta get back to this spot. Well, this is the day that you start the plans to make it happen.

seriously dude

No more procrastinating, no more excuses, no more weekends a wasted. This alpine paradise is just up the road a piece from Fresno, of all places. Yes, you read right - Fresno, that smoggy, scarey Central Valley mecca in the middle of California.

From Highway 99, find Hwy 168 & head due East into the mighty Sierra Nevada. This epic outdoor recreation area is just south of Yosemite National Park. After climbing in elevation, thru oak foothills and pines, passing Shaver Lake and continuing on past Tamarack. When you are near Huntington Lake, hang a hard right up the Kaiser Pass (a windy steep paved back road) and just keep on going toward Florence Lake. Ward Lake is a small lake on the way and you may miss it, if you blink. This adventure is not really a day trip kinda place & you will want to stay overnight, or the whole weekend - so go prepared.

Find it on this Sierra forest map!

Picnic Area at Florence Lake, California

Headwaters of the San Joaquin River

Monday, May 4, 2009

Utah Camping Right Now

A fair amount of last minute inquiries on this upcoming Utah trip.
3 Cali girls meeting up w/ 'hippy from the beach' Jan & 'mister white trash'
Ardell way out in Moab, Utah. California group meets FRIDAY night; depart Tejon Pass/I-5 SAT May 9th AM. Please post inquiries regarding this MAY UTAH CAMP excursion here.

8 nights camping back roads of Utah
drive your own rig on dirt roads; 4x4 not required.
ZION, Bryce, Gobblins and Moab.....

back roads, off roading, hiking, all over

next weekend.
yep, we know you wanna go.