Tuesday, April 7, 2009

California Wildlfowers

Owl's Clover Wildlfower
Originally uploaded by danamight
This photo is the mighty AV, the Antelope Valley @ Hwy 138 - with the best bloom I've seen in quite a while. Purple Owl's Clover flowers are sprouting up near 110th & the power lines. The hills all around Fairmont Butte are yellow. Poppies can be found all over. The show is best outside of the Poppy Preserve, so save your cash & head off road. Bring a picnic & a camera for a full day of fun in the sun. Wind can be an issue here, so check the weather forecast.

Gorman wildflowers are getting some more rain tonight & will be peaking later this month (April). Upper Klipstein Canyon via Cerro Noroeste or Hwy 166 is also going off with color.

This looks to be an excellent year for all California wildflowers, so do not delay. Plan your road trip soon!