Tuesday, February 24, 2009

50% Increase from Last Winter

Yeah, I know you've heard it. America is in a recession or a depression. But that doesn't stop you from wanting to travel. Needing to get away from your daily grind.

Can you expect to escape your hurried life for a weekend, for under $100? What bout a $200 limit?

No seriously. You would spend that much or more just staying home & hanging out in the city. Really! Think about it. Shopping, dinner at a restaurant, coffee afterwards, or a concert, some drinks during, plus the parking. It adds up super fast as you already know.

Total Escape web site traffic is WAY up -- 50% from last winter, cuz people are realizing they gotta travel locally & inexpensively. This goes for the maps store at the dot net & our main site at dot com. DanaMite has the ideas for cheap road trips all over the golden state. Thanks goes to all the newcomers & the avid Escapers. The new residents in Cali, the transplants, the native, the locals, anyone who uses Total Escape on a regular basis.

California Road Trip on a Budget:
Your camping gear (free), a forest or desert map ($20), campground fee ($20) & a tank of gas ($40) . You cannot count the groceries or restaurant visits, since you would normally eat in the city anyways.
[Camping Weekend $80]
Day tripping means you find a local destination to check out & return home the same day. You can spent the full day exploring & enjoying, from sun up to sun down. A museum, the beach, the pier, a local county park, the river, a hot springs, a National Park, the National Forest, whatever. We have tons of stuff to do listed on each town page. A map ($20), entrance fee ($10) & a tank of gas ($40).
[Day Trip $70]

How about an overnight at a mountain lodge instead? Eastern Sierra locales have some snowy good deals: Villager Inn ($65), ski lift day at June Mountain ($37 x 2 peeps = $74) & a tank of gas ($40) will get you up there in comfort.
[June Lake $179 weekend]
Just a few examples of cheap trips & why we've been online 12 years!