Tuesday, February 24, 2009

50% Increase from Last Winter

Yeah, I know you've heard it. America is in a recession or a depression. But that doesn't stop you from wanting to travel. Needing to get away from your daily grind.

Can you expect to escape your hurried life for a weekend, for under $100? What bout a $200 limit?

No seriously. You would spend that much or more just staying home & hanging out in the city. Really! Think about it. Shopping, dinner at a restaurant, coffee afterwards, or a concert, some drinks during, plus the parking. It adds up super fast as you already know.

Total Escape web site traffic is WAY up -- 50% from last winter, cuz people are realizing they gotta travel locally & inexpensively. This goes for the maps store at the dot net & our main site at dot com. DanaMite has the ideas for cheap road trips all over the golden state. Thanks goes to all the newcomers & the avid Escapers. The new residents in Cali, the transplants, the native, the locals, anyone who uses Total Escape on a regular basis.

California Road Trip on a Budget:
Your camping gear (free), a forest or desert map ($20), campground fee ($20) & a tank of gas ($40) . You cannot count the groceries or restaurant visits, since you would normally eat in the city anyways.
[Camping Weekend $80]
Day tripping means you find a local destination to check out & return home the same day. You can spent the full day exploring & enjoying, from sun up to sun down. A museum, the beach, the pier, a local county park, the river, a hot springs, a National Park, the National Forest, whatever. We have tons of stuff to do listed on each town page. A map ($20), entrance fee ($10) & a tank of gas ($40).
[Day Trip $70]

How about an overnight at a mountain lodge instead? Eastern Sierra locales have some snowy good deals: Villager Inn ($65), ski lift day at June Mountain ($37 x 2 peeps = $74) & a tank of gas ($40) will get you up there in comfort.
[June Lake $179 weekend]
Just a few examples of cheap trips & why we've been online 12 years!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Road to Joy

The Road to Joy
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Outdoors is my passion & this stuff, these photos, these stories, my web site is my work, my art, for you to discover what I have seen. The back roads of California are alive with all flavors. My gift to you, the world. Enjoy.

Green Creek California is a very special place I visited back in mid 2004. These Sierra Nevada photos have taken a while to upload, but here they are, for your viewing pleasure. This prime Eastern Sierra camping area is well worth the long journey. Plan to spend a minimum of a week here for the full spectrum of recreation. The graded dirt road is suitable for passenger cars & RVs too. Hiking, fishing, camping, it's all out here near Bridgeport CA; Altho most are so in a hurry to reach Bodie Ghost Town State Park, they completely ignore this area, just on the other side of Highway 395. If you have some free time, I would highly suggest this primitive camping location on the Hoover Wilderness boundary.

Green Creek in the Eastern Sierra near Bridgeport, CA

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trail Wilderness

Mount Pinos Peak 8830' elevation, Kern County

We all seek a wilderness trail to hike or stroll. Wonderful weather, enveloped in scenery, a peaceful place to call our own - if only for the day or the whole weekend. Deep inside the sacred space we call nature, Mother Earth. Maybe a picnic and waterfall as the highlight of the whole day.

In California we are lucky to have plenty trails to enjoy and explore. Whether you want a foot trail to a lake, a fishing trail along the river, a backpackers trail over the highest peaks, an equestrian trail, a mountain bike route, or snowmobile trails new and fresh, we just might have it on our maps - somewhere in here.

California Wilderness Areas

Lake Falls