Monday, January 14, 2008

Total Escape Adventures

For most of 2007 Total Escape Adventures has been taking a much needed break from leading our famous "guided road trips". This past year we worked at revamping the popular 3000 page web site - so we could get a better handle on the huge redesign process (learning new code, creating databases, & establishing the new blog @ Total Escape OUTSIDE); but now we are sick of the computer & itching to get back out there to travel again.

Do not let those gas prices get you down. Find a friend, carpool & join us!

Total Escape Adventures is back for 2008. DanaMite just posted the Spring line up which included Sierra Snowmobiling, Kern River Camping & Sequoia for Memorial Day weekend. Go check it out soon & join us for some back road excursions this season. We promise it will be cheaper to travel locally than you ever thought possible. And you might even learn a few new things!