Friday, April 5, 2013

Baja Atlas - Baja Maps - Baja Almanac

Called the BAJA ATLAS (6.75"x8.75") @ $19.95, this smaller one has full color ads & road maps. Some major dirt roads, hotels & general tourist info. For those real Baja adventurers wanting greater details on roads & visuals for comparison, I have scanned a page from each of these 2 top selling Baja map books - so you can see the difference. Both images are of the same coastal region just south of Ensenada, Baja California.

/map_detail/baja_atlas_inside.jpg (856k)
/map_detail/baja_almanac_inside.jpg (1019k)

the Baja California Atlas (above) and the Baja California Almanac (below) are both outta stock and outta print, as of 2013. Scroll down to see the new Baja Maps from NatGeo.

Being the back roads hound that I am, I was hoping that this new title would be suitable to replace the nice topographical Baja Almanac, but sorry to say I am disappointed with the land features, colors, contrast & minimal size. Topographical details are very limited; No topo lines, just satellite imagery & pixelated textures. The paid advertisements aren't too bad though! It is a bit more cramped & no room for writing notes. As far as 4x4 routes or Baja Racing, this Baja Atlas is not a map book that you should use if seriously off-roading the Baja peninsula.

Update Spring 2013
BAJA ALMANAC: the ever popular, best-selling Baja California Almanac is once again SOLD OUT and not available at this time!

Nothing beats a hard copy, a real map, a physical map... when traveling way down into the Baja, the wild west. No internet, no cell phone coverage for miles, no 4G digital network anything. When you have a good map or two, you give yourself more options and freedom when traveling and less stress., what is in stock right now for Baja California Mexico?

NEW National Geographic Baja Maps: 

NatGeo just came out with some mighty fine, colorful, gorgeous, waterproof, topographic, recreation fold out maps. One covers Baja Norte (north) and the other Baja Sur (south). Buy them individually for $12 each, or w/ the 2-pack set for less than $20.  

NatGeo Baja Maps • NORTESURSET