Thursday, September 27, 2007

King of ...Littering?

And the winner is Budweiser, King of Beers!

It's not a surprise that the majority of the trash we pick up on forest lands is beer cans & bottles. Of those, Budweiser, Miller (MGD) & Mickey's Big Mouth consumers are the top people who litter. Rarely do we see Sierra Nevada bottles disposed of improperly. More Pepsi drinkers throw trash outside than Coke; by far McDonald's wrappers are more common than any other fast food trash; cheap tequila bottles, soiled baby diapers, & bullet casings are also a problem. Cigarette smokers usually litter too (ciggi butts, cellophane wrappers, their boxes).

Inconsiderate target shooters are notorious for leaving broken glass, targets, computer monitors, & old propane cylinders shot full of holes outside, on a vacant hillside. And it takes responsible 4x4 clubs to clean this stuff up, along with other trail crews like Total Escape.

The reason for this topic is for the "stop the abuse" blogging campaign. Trashing nature is a huge problem across America. There seems to be no respect & little is being done about it. Do we really need to make more laws & enforce stiff fines for people to stop this neglect? I really wanna bring this to your attention today to change the way people think about littering - especially on YOUR public forests lands.