Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The ABC's of California

Most people moved to California for the great weather, the awesome scenery & the forward thinking culture. Or maybe you just relocated here for a job, a career or college. Either way, you are here now & all the plans you had to travel have slipped by the wayside. Computers have now taken over your daily entertainment, your life and society. NOT!

No matter what your excuse is the need to be outside enveloped in nature and to explore new trails is still buried deep within you. You crave the sunshine, the fresh air, the real true connection w/ the earth. Caves & caverns of Gold Country, the High Sierra peaks, the wineries to tour.. it's all still out there.

Not all the forests have burned - yet.

California  A to Z

In case you don't already know the back roads of California like you really wanted to, DanaMite has compiled the awesome California small town list, an ever growing compilation of all small towns & some not-so-small cities. It's the perfect reference page to bookmark on the 4000 page Total Escape web site.

Focusing mainly on the rural back roads, Total Escape features local links to museums, parks & forests, rivers & lakes, campgrounds, RV parks, outdoor recreation, guides & outfitters, plus the very best independent lodging in the golden state w/ NO CHAIN HOTELS. Perfect outdoorsy destinations for your own weekend getaway. Hike, bike, fish, kayak, play. The stuff you really wanna do!

When is the last time you really got excited about a road trip?

Mokelumne River campground, Eldorado NF

Mammoth Pool Reservoir, Sierra NF

Figueroa Mountain Road blooms in Santa Barbara Co

Onion Valley Trailhead, John Muir Wilderness

Day dreaming yet?