Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

My drummer pal from San Diego, Bill Ray took this awesome shot of the recent lunar eclipse on Monday night & neighbor Lynn forwarded it to me Tuesday morning. Way to go! Wish I would have gone outside to see it, but I was distracted with a movie. Duh...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fly Fishing Northern California

Fly fishing California is best in the Northern half of the state. With the minimal rains and minimal lakes inside Southern Cal, you best be driving north to find your perfect fishing hole -  way north.

All areas around Mount Shasta & Mount Lassen are excellent for fishing. Feather River, Hat Creek, Trinity River, Klamath River, Northern Gold Country's Yuba River near Downieville & even the Sacramento River are all excellent spots for casting your line. Most of the Eastern Sierra is decent for fly fishing too. Rock Creek near Tom's Place; behind Mammoth Lakes is Minaret Creek & Boundary Creek; Hot Creek is across the highway from Mammoth. Golden aspens are always awesome in autumn near June Lake with Rush Creek; Green Creek is near Bridgeport CA & the Walker River is just north of that.

You can find professional fly fishing guides to help you get started. Online fishing reports are updated by anglers, who also run extensive web sites on the sport are great resources for finding the perfect place to vacation. We have an extensive list of all fishing lodges in California. Plan your fishing trip with Total Escape & make your weekend unforgettable.

Monday, August 13, 2007

California Meteor Showers

Firstly, meteors showers can be seen from anywhere, not just California. Although the darker the skies the better, so you will have to escape the city lights & climb in elevation. Coastal hills have too much moisture in the air & the unexpected fog can easily roll in. The Sierra Nevada Mountains are the perfect choice for stargazing & most of NorCal.

Meteor showers in general do not fit in to the normal daily routine or time frame for most people. Neither do the majority of heavenly displays. The best show starts well after midnight & that is too late for our American society - who manage to squeeze in 10+ hours of television per week. Hit the hay before the pumpkin hour & you're missing out dude.

Tonight is the peak of the Perseids. Get your ass outside for an hour.
The air beds, lounge chairs, hats, jackets & caffeine will help us enjoy it longer.

Meteorites entering earth atmosphere burn into a ball of light & evaporate in the edges of our earths air. Grazer are bigger particles that skim across & cause a long tail to follow, sometimes with hints of color. Fire balls are the big comet-like shows that light up the sky all around. Night owls can enjoy a series of shooting stars, right up until day break.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

California Camping

This is the term, the key phrase, the #1 thing campers & RVers type into search engines to find the Total Escape web site, the independent travel site of the back roads and California Wilderness. We used to be the very first listing on Google for the phrase "California Camping", ahead of the State Park system, the National Forests, the KOA's. Why ? Because I was here first, DanaMite on the world wide web, with Total Escape way back in 1996... pre-Y2K, pre-9/11.

With modern web marketing, SEO and search algorithms changing we have slipped off this tip top mountain peak, but we still have a big following of outdoor enthusiasts.

The web industry calls it 'organic searches' or 'grandfathered into the system'. Yippee! I have the content to prove it, now let's get this mega California A to Z database rollin' baby!

Total Escape was here before digital cameras, before hi-speed, before YouTube, before social media, before the GPS, and before blogging. Way back, well before the government agencies even think they needed a forest web site.

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