Monday, July 16, 2007

California Hot Springs

The 3 words together make you dream of secluded natural beauty, star gilled skies, candle light & real naked hot people. "California Hot Springs" is one of the most widely searched terms for entry into the site, Total Escape. California has numerous hot springs (like over 300) - from luxury resorts near the Palm Springs desert to primitive rock tubs overlooking the lower Kern River, each unique to it's own surroundings. Many are capped for geothermal use & others are hike-in only in the Wilderness. High Sierra hike-in tubs to remote bed & breakfasts, to palm canyon desert oasis, clothing optional is the norm. Hey now, we are in California. Live a little.

If you're uncomfortable with public nudity, too bad! You are the one missing out.
Grover Hot Springs is more of a family friendly (clothing required) kinda park.

The facilities at each location vary greatly depending on terrain, land ownership & the flow of the hot water. Some hot springs are no more than a trickle into one solo tub, while others have green lawns & RV parks built around them. California's geothermal wonders draw visitors from all over the world. Hot mineral baths are known to be a place of healing & many consider them sacred spaces.